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01 June 2018

SD Easy GIF version 5.0 has been released.
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Windows compatibility:
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Version:  5.0
Release Date:  June 01, 2018
Work on:  Windows Vista / Seven / 8 / 10
Included languages: English, Russian
Free trial:  14 days
File size:  47.7 Mb
  SoftDigi Easy GIF is powerful and very easy to use software for creating and editing animated GIF images. With this animated GIF editor You can easily create animated banners and pictures in no time. You can use special features to add stunning image effects. Easy GIF supports all types of GIF animation and provides high compression and great quality for your animated GIF images. SD Easy GIF also includes a powerful graphic editor that allows you to work with vector objects, making the work with images maximum convenient and flexible.

With SoftDigi Easy GIF you can:
Easily create and edit animated banners,
pictures and text
Create animated GIF images from scratch
Add image effects to your GIF animation
(such as color effects, blur, shadow, etc.)
Add animated text to frames
Optimize animated GIF images so they take less space and load faster.
Easy GIF automatically optimizes image files so that you do not have to take
any extra steps to reduce the size of your files
Set animation loop count and frame duration
Easily set transparency
Easily manage palette of each frame
Create animated GIF files from video file fragments
Export GIF animation to AVI format
Add sound to your animation
Edit and modify animated GIF images with the built-in powerful Graphic editor
Generate a web-page with GIF image
Save a project of GIF animation, so you can continue
working with it during the next loading of project with
saved vector objects (in this case they are not convert
into raster image)
Use GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, PSD and PCX images
in your animation
Create transition effect between two frames
Resize whole animations at once or
resize separate animation frame
Easilly create animated banners in a few minutes
Manage animation frames
Extract separate animation frames
Reverse GIF animation or a portion of it
and many other features ...
Save animation in SWF Flash format
Create GIF animation from YouTube video
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SD Easy GIF 5.0 Release Notes
01/06/2018 23:16
- Added ability to copy (to cut) / to paste multiple frames (works only in the program)
- Improved the function of pasting an image from the clipboard
- Fixed applying of the background color to the animation
- Improved transition effect between frames
- Fixed minor bugs

SD Easy GIF 4.9 Release Notes
06/04/2018 23:41
- Fixed minor bugs
SD Easy GIF 4.8 Release Notes
29/03/2018 17:07
- Added ability to create GIF animation from YouTube video
- Added ability to apply graphic and color effects to several or all frames
- Added ability to crop image(s)
- Updating of the algorithm of GIF animation loading. Data is loaded more qualitatively. The only possibility left to load frames with whole images, i.e. without transparency
- Fixed some flaws of animation project data saving/loading
- Fixed many flaws and bugs when undo/redo
- Updating of the algorithms of transition effect between frames and animated text adding
- Fixed drag-and-drop bugs
- When importing video the frame delay time read correctly – now it corresponds to the duration of the video frame
- Fixed minor bugs

SD Easy GIF 4.7 Release Notes
05/06/2017 01:09
- Fixed minor bugs
SD Easy GIF 4.6 Release Notes
28/05/2017 23:58
- Added ability to duplicate vector objects
- Added new vector object Memo
- Fixed minor bugs

SD Easy GIF 4.5 Release Notes
22/11/2016 10:01
- Added ability to load GIF files with two modes: with filled transparent areas and not
- Improved import of video files
- Made changes in the interface of Import Video window
- Fixed minor bugs

SD Easy GIF 4.2 Release Notes
01/08/2016 10:01
- Fixed bug when saving a gif-animation
- Fixed some small bugs

SD Easy GIF 4.1 Release Notes
23/07/2016 20:14
- Improved import animation from video file
- Improved export animation to swf file format
- Improved user interface, now user can customize interface visual effects
- Fixed some minor bugs

SD Easy GIF 4.0 Release Notes
10/06/2016 23:11
- Completely redesigned and optimized loading GIF images and animations - now open files many times faster!
- Added ability to import frames from video files (supported formats: avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, asf, mov, mp4, mkv, ts)
- Added the ability to customize optimization GIF animations when saving file (Save As ...)
- Improved palette
- Minor changes in the interface
- Fixed many small bugs

SD Easy GIF 3.0 Release Notes
02/11/2015 17:43
- Improved and refined user interface
- Added Master of creation of animated banners
- Added abilities:
  - Saving of an animation project
  - Preview and generation of web-page with GIF image
  - Management by palette of separate frame image
  - Creation of transition effect between two frames
  - Adding of animated text to frames
  - Realized functionality for drag-and-drop. Now you can open the files by dragging them with the mouse
    from Windows Explorer into the program window
- Full Unicode support
- Fixed errors when saving, editing, working with text
- Fixed some minor bugs

SD Easy GIF 2.1 Release Notes
03/08/2013 11:49
- Fixed errors when undo/redo
- Fixed some minor bugs

SD Easy GIF 2.0 Release Notes
18/01/2013 11:50
- Improved and refined user interface
- Added ability to undo / redo
- The work in the editor now performed with vector objects
- Fixed errors when saving, editing, working with text
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Windows 8 (32, 64 bit) support.

SD Easy GIF 1.0 Release Notes
04/04/2012 11:51
- First release.